Qualifications, Experience and Interests


Sarah graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1999 with a BSc Honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She studied for her registration at the Royal London Hospital in East London. Sarah has recently completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Dietetic practice. She is currently researching for her PhD in nutrition for children with disabilities.


Sarah has been involved in the field of nutrition since 1994. Her specialism in paediatric nutrition stemmed from an interest in helping children and their families to optimise their health. She has worked for the NHS in both large London teaching Hospitals and small community based NHS Trusts which has enabled her to gain a wealth of experience. Sarah has recently held a post at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust as an Advanced Specialist Paediatric Dietitian and is currently managing the acute dietetic team within East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.  Alongside this she operates her Private Consultancy in East Sussex which has been established since 2002.

Sarah also is a guest lecturer on the MSc Child health and Diabetes programmes at the University of Brighton. Previously she has tutored other dietitians on the post registration Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Clinical Update course.

Sarah is also an accomplished nutrition writer. She has written for consumer press such as ‘Mother & Baby’ and ‘Pregnancy & Birth’ magazines and the trade journals ‘Nursery World’ ‘Professional Nurse’, ‘Complete Nutrition’ and has had a chapter published in Clinical Paediatric Dietetics.

Sarah is also the nutritionist for Rachel’s Organic. Click here for Sarah’s advice on nutrition for children on the Rachel’s site.

As mum to Charlie and Maisie, Sarah also has plenty of first hand experience of raising two young children!


Sarah’s current interests are in nutrition for babies and toddlers and in particular is passionate about improving the food served in nurseries and childcare settings. Sarah also specialises in diets for children with food allergies, having first hand experience with her own child.  She also has expertise in weaning babies and is a firm supporter of the Breastfeeding Manifesto.

Sarah is also able to help children who are fussy or selective eaters alongside her Speech and Language Therapist colleague in their specialist feeding clinic.

Sarah assists children and families with a fresh and innovative approach to nutrition, irrespective or any medical condition, allergy or lifestyle preferences the child or family may have.