Banana Chiffon Cake

Ever taken a banana to work in your packed lunch, forgotten to eat it, inspected it the next morning, decided it’s too bashed about, put it back into the fruit bowl and replaced with a fresh one? Only to the go and do exactly the same thing the next day? No? Ah, maybe it’s just […]

Bread Pudding Heaven

Having spent 7 years at a very traditional British school (you know, the kind with real on-site kitchens, pig bins and a passionate obsession with frugality) this tasty, low cost pudding was a regular staple in my diet. With or without custard a steaming slice of bread pudding was the perfect thing to set you […]

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

This spicy pumpkin soup is just the thing for using up all those haloween leftovers (or in our case using up the allotment glut of Crown Prince squashes!) Full of immune boosting vitamins A and C and plenty of fibre this is the perfect winter meal served with chunky granary bread and hunk of cheese! […]