Beat the Christmas Bulge

It’s 6 weeks until Christmas and in one way or another, we’re all getting in to the Christmas spirit.  Department stores are haemorrhaging tinsel and my mother is panic buying jumbo sized selection boxes!

It’s true that most of us will gain weight over the Christmas period.  In fact, it’s thought that some of us will eat 6000kcal on Christmas day alone (about 4000kcal more than we need)!

But that’s not the biggest problem.  It’s estimated that we eat an extra 500kcal a day, every day for the Christmas period.  That would be nearly 6 pounds of weight gain in a month!!!

So here are some tips for damage limitation……

  1. Pay close attention to what you’re eating between the parties.  Focus on high fibre foods such as whole grain breads, breakfast cereals like porridge or bran flakes and vegetables.  Drink low calorie drinks like herbal tea and plenty of water.  Avoid high fat and high sugar foods.  You’ll get plenty of those at the party!
  2. Don’t skip the exercise.  If you don’t have time for your usual gym visits, try walking more on the way to work.  Get off the bus a few stops early, use the stairs instead of the lift and walk short journeys instead of driving at the weekends.  Fresh air will give you more energy.  And get on the dance floor at every opportunity!
  3. Know what you’re drinking!  There are about 200kcal in a cosmopolitan, 400 calories in a chocolate martini and about 100kcal in a glass of champagne.  So….alternate your drinks between alcohol and sugar free soft drinks.  Have one cocktail to start the evening but try to stick to champagne, white wine or spirits with sugar free mixers (e.g gin and slimline tonic, 60kcal for a single) after that.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Rachel x

By Rachel Vallis RD

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